Swatch Watches Then & Now

During the 1960 and 1970 Swiss watchmakers had huge competitors from Japan such as Seiko. In order to recapture the market Nicolas G. Hayek, the founder of Swatch, launched a brand new collection of Swatch watches. With his endeavor, he also wanted to increase the popularity of analog watches over the now popular digital watches.
The Swatch Company took the quartz watch, redesigned it using fewer parts while keeping the efficiency and accuracy, which produced a ip watch?with only 51 components, thus lower prices for the consumer. The new watches took off like storm and during the 80, if you did not own a Swatch watch you were in the n crowd? The new cool Swatch watches were around 80% less in price than competitors and gave consumers the chance to find all kinds of new and exciting ways to express their personality by the watch they chose to wear.
Today, Swatch Watches still offers a large array of watches. The company has grown and now includes watches of all prices and styles but still allowing consumers the chance to wear fashion watches at a much lower price than the designer watches.
You will notice when you begin your search for the Swatch watches to add to your collection is that they have five families in which their watches are recognized, Swatch Originals, Swatch Irony, Swatch Skin, Swatch Beat, and Swatch Bijoux. Swatch originals are of course the plastic cased watches that comes in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. The Swatch Irony are metal cased watches. Swatch Skin is similar to the Swatch Originals only the plastic is much thinner making the watch lighter. Swatch Beat is their digital line of watches. The Swatch Bijoux line is the jewelry line.
You can find many Swatch watches online at discounted prices, meaning you can find a better deal and even save more money. The average cost of Swatch watches online is between ?7.00 to ?50.95. The unique style of the Swatch is still the same offering customers the chance to express their personality with many different styles.

Popular styles for men include Mat Rebeaud, Serious Affair, Swatch Time Planner, Golden Chest, Ocean Sunset, Jaws- The Spy Who Loved Me, Get Fly Black, and Body & Soul – Metal. The most popular Swatch styles for women include Swatch Dreamnight, Swatch Hypnotic, Swatch Time in Rose, Swatch Nata Pura, Swatch Chain Me On, Swatch Mirror Time, Swatch Two Way Road, and the Swatch Bright-Act. Other favorites for both male and female include Swatch Be Punk, Swatch Down in Darkness, Swatch Dreamwhite, Swatch Stroke Lights, Landing Gear, Sign Out, Full Blooded Night, and the Swatch Street Club.

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